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Edward Telleria: Republica Dominicana Fashion Week 2015 (RDFW 2015)

Boston, MA based Dominican painter, Edward Telleria  was the featured artist at Republica Dominican Fashion Week 2015 (RDFW 2015) that took place in Santo Domingo, at Acropolis Center , from June 9 to June 14, 2015.  He was also a sponsor of the event.  The event was organized by the famous Dominican fashion designer, Jorge Diep . RDFW 2015 was dedicated to the late fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta.  Visual artist, Telleria, painted 10 renderings of de la Renta for the runway. Telleria also created a total of 10 paintings for the fashion runway at RDFW 2015.  The paintings depicted roses, faces, and horses, common themes throughout Telleria's work. Acropolis Center, elevator doors, Edward Telleria, RDFW 2015 Paintings by Edward Telleria, Fashion Runway, RDFW 2015 Paintings, Edward Telleria, RDFW 2015 Paintings, Edward Telleria, RDFW 2015 Edward Telleria painting Edward Telleria painting Model next to Edward Telleria painting, 2015

Edward Telleria - 2nd Prize in Painting: Agro Naturaleza Dominican Republic

Boston, MA based Dominican painter, Edward Telleria , won second prize in the Agro Naturaleza national competition in the Dominican Republic. Edward Telleria, Acrylic, 24x36, 2015

Gerard Ellis - First Solo Show @ Lyle O'Reitzel Gallery

The Brooklyn, NY based Dominican painter, Gerard Ellis will have his first solo show at Lyle O'Reitzel Gallery in Santo Domingo on June 25, 2015 at 7:30PM. The show will consist of 17 paintings.  According to artist Ellis, his work contains a "strong social component that is a reflection of a world saturated with technology and information, where the ephemeral is becoming more present in our daily lives. "