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28th National visual Arts Biennial - Dominican Republic

The Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic announced, at the end of April, that this year's Biennial will be inaugurated on Sunday, August 16 at 7:00 PM at the Museum of Modern Art (MAM) in the Plaza de la Cultura, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Participation in the 28 National Visual Arts Biennial is open to Dominicans, whether residing in the country or living outside the country, and to legal foreign residents who have resided in the Dominican Republic for a minimum of five (5) years.  The 28 National Visual Arts Biennial will feature a program of side events including solo and group exhibitions, concerts, performances, lectures, symposia, guided tour; plus interactive encounters between artists and spectators, and educational workshops. To learn more about the rules for submission, please visit the Ministry of Culture's website .

Outside the Island: Essex Art Center

In November 2014, Essex Art Center in Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States, exhibited five female Dominican artists. F ive Dominican Artists show at Essex Art Center - In Spanish "Fuera de la Isla (Out of the Island)" (November 21 - December 12, Opening reception Fri. Nov 21st 5-7pm) features the works of five female Dominican artists; Rosalba Hernandez, Isabel Yepez, Aurora Diaz, Patricia Gamundi and Mirna Ledesma. Their combined art includes jewelry, book illustrating books, drawings to still life. Hernandez' drawings and paintings pay tribute to the demented, transients and every day citizens which she captures through her psychological and social study.  When she paints, every line, element and accessory reflects the emotions they exude.   Yepez’s paintings focus not only on the painting technique, but also focus on the relationship of the materials used to the human feminine form, capturing its fragility and the nature that surrounds the human for