IVÁN TOVAR. ANTOLÓGICA - A Coruña, Spain, June 19, 2014 - October 5, 2014

When one mentions the name Ivan Tovar, what comes to mind is a famous Dominican painter who is an enigma. It is unlikely that you will ever run into Tovar at art events in the Dominican Republic.  Instead, he is someone who keeps to himself.  There are stories that if you want to buy a work of art by Tovar, you need to go to his house in the beautiful northern town of Jarabacoa, near Santiago, in the Dominican Republic.  Yet, you cannot just appear at his house; you must call him to make an appointment.
Ivan Tovar in his house in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.  Photo by Frank Pimentel

Good luck finding his phone number, but for good reason. Ivan Tovar may be the most successful Dominican surrealist painter to make a name for himself outside of the Dominican Republic.  His paintings sell for over $50,000USD.  In an artnet search for past auction results, 77 results appear.

Who is Ivan Tovar?  

Ivan Tovar was born in San Francisco de Macoris, Domincan Republic in 1942. In 1963, he travelled to Paris where he resided for 20 years. He has had expositions all over the world in Luxembourg, Stockholm, Lisboa, New York, and many other places. In 1968, Tovar won the 2nd prize in the Eduardo Leon Jimenes contest for a drawing.
Tovar's work forms an own dream world, where he established a new reality. The present review has described the whole of his work on the concept of neosurrealism, because their compositions represent an extremely symbolic and personal world. His works through different techniques, formats and supports propose a detailed exploration of desire, like a sort of monstrous prehistoric bird. So thanks to her master, Tovar became one of the leading exponents of contemporary surrealism of the whole

Antology of Works
Museo-Fundación Eugenio Granell
June 19, 2014 - October 5, 2014

The show will include works by Tovar from 1961 to 2008.

While in the Dominican Republic, Tovar met many European emigre artists, most notably Eugenio Granell, who was exiled from Europe in 1939 and arrived in the Dominican Republic. At this time, Granell had not yet discovered his talent for painting.  Granell left the Dominican Republic in 1946 becuase he did not support Trujillo's dictatorship.  Years later, Granell meet Ivan Tovar, with whom he maintained a short, but important correspondence.

An example of Granell's work:

Granell's, Formation of Metaforia, Oil on Cardboard, 1975.
Tovar's Work:

Ivan Tovar

Ivan Tovar


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