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Davidoff Art Weekend

The Davidoff Art Initiative The Davidoff Art Initiative supports contemporary art and artists in the Caribbean.  According to the Davidoff website , within the Dominican Republic, the Initiative seeks to: Strengthen art organizations. Share knowledge and expertise about contemporary art.   Foster foster cultural engagement between the Caribbean and the rest of the world.  Four global program initiatives launched in 2013-2014: Davidoff Art Residency Offers residency opportunities for Dominican and Caribbean artists in selected leading artist residency programs worldwide, as well as for international artists in the Dominican Republic. These annual residencies promise to connect today’s Caribbean art more closely with the international art world. Starting in January 2015 , Davidoff Art Initiative will invite five artists from around the world to take up residency at The Davidoff Art Residency in Altos de Chavon, La Romana, Dominican Republic for a period of

Altos de Chavon & Parsons The New School for Design

    The School of Design Altos de Chavon is a world famous educational institution that teaches art and design in the Dominican Republic.  It has two locations, one in La Romana, and another in Santo Domingo.  The School of founded in 1983 by Dominique Bluhdorn, whose father, Charles G. Bluhdorn was president of Gulf & Western. Mr. Bluhdorn purchased a sugar mill in La Romana in 1967, developing the area, and what is now known as Casa de Campo . The School offers degree programs in all areas of art and design in formats long and short duration : Graphic Design, Fashion Design , Fine Arts , Illustration , Digital Design , Interior Design , Photography, Film Production and Architecture. The School has over10,000 graduates and has made ​​an impact on the design world both nationally and internationally. In 2006 the New York magazine V Magazine named The School of Design Altos de Chavon as one of the 13 best design schools in the world. Students who attend Altos de Chav