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Commentary on quote from Cuban artist Quisqueya Henriquez regarding Dominican painting

By now, those of you who follow Dominican art will have heard about the controversy surrounding the Dominican Republic's 27th National Bienal for Fine Arts.  I would like to draw your attention to the quote from Quisqueya Henriquez, a Cuban artist and a juror of the Bienal, as reported in the online Dominican newspaper, Diario Libre, on August 20, 2013. "Quisqueya Henríquez manifestó que las propuestas que hicieron los pintores no estaban a la altura de la calidad de los otros lenguajes. " La pintura dominicana, en la actualidad, no merecía un premio, no obstante hubo una cantidad de ellas seleccionadas. Estamos hablando de más de 500 obras, y se hizo una selección de 186", dijo, al dejar claro que ésa fue la valoración que hicieron."  For those of you who do not understand Spanish, Henriquez said that while over 500 works were submitted for consideration for the 27th Bienal, and 186 were

Dominican Painters in the International Art Market

If we are to use results from international auctions to judge the worthiness/success of artists, then lets analyze recent results of Dominican art at international auction.  The results are depressing.  Based on action results from reputable auction houses like Christie's, Sotheby's, and Bonhams, the scant sales and lack of price command leads me to believe that Dominican art is not recognized at an international level like that of Cuban art.  Why is this?  Is it because the market for Dominican art is insular, residing principally inside the Dominican Republic.  Have people of influence and the government of the Dominican Republic failed to promote Dominican Art outside the country?  Why has Cuba been so successful at auction?  How can Dominican art ever be widely known by collectors if Dominican art, while seen at auction sparingly, does not command the same domestic price in the international market? Take a look at a Jesus Maria Desangles that went to auction at Chr