Dominican Art Has Value

The other day someone told me they were going to the Dominican Republic for vacation and could I recommend a gallery in Santiago.  She and her husband wanted to purchase Dominican art.  What kind of Dominican art was she thinking about?  Art found in the Dominican Republic at resorts and on the streets?

Dominican art from galleries is not the same as art you find being sold at resorts or on the street.  Dominican art in galleries or sold through reputable private dealers is at a minimum SD$30,000 (about USD$800) and the art is made by well known painters who have had successful careers.

Many people think that because the Dominican Republic is a middle income country, that art is inexpensive (like US$100 - USD$500).  Art, in any market, is expensive.  You can find works of art in Dominican galleries that are USD$50,000 (take for example Ivan Tovar) and more than that.

The point is that Dominican art has value.


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